At our factory in West Yorkshire we work slightly different from our competitors as our special mixes are made from base products and not from finished inks. By doing it this way we can ensure the finished ink is as strong as possible. With these inks being the highest finished ink strength then this makes them very stable.

Another benefit of manufacturing special mixes this way is that we have more control over what the customer needs and can therefore not only provide high quality inks but the exact specification you are looking for.

As we manufacture from ranges of individual components we have full control of all our products. Each ink we manufacture is designed for its specified purpose, the pigments, varnishes, waxes and driers are all added individually at our factory in Drighlington.

We also work with many recognised suppliers, in order for us to be able to offer printing consumables such as press washes, blankets and spray powders.

At Colour Fountain we pride ourselves on our exceptional turnaround for manufacturing special mixes allowing you peace of mind when you are planning your production, allowing you to give accurate deadlines to your customers.

About Colour Fountain Mixing Paints